Communication Satellites, Fifth Edition

ISBN-10: 1-884989-19-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-884989-19-3
800P., ILLUS., HARDCOVER, 2007

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Communication satellites represent one of the most significant applications of space technology. In almost every year since 1965, a new system launched its first communication satellite. Today, the applications of communication satellites reach approximately 200 countries, territories, and ocean areas for communication services of all types to both large and small terminals on land, on ships, and on aircraft. Furthermore, although some of these systems are government sponsored, most are commercial ventures, of which many are in competition with the terrestrial communications industry.

The scope of the book extends from 1958 through satellites now being manufactured. Following a brief historical survey, the 10 chapters of this book cover 10 categories of communication satellites. These categories are based on similarity of application and geographic associations.

Within each chapter, satellites of the same system are grouped together, and the systems are presented chronologically according to their initial launch dates. The text emphasizes the satellite and its communication subsystem, but also touches some broader aspects of the system of which the satellite is a part. Major business events are mentioned. Accompanying the satellite descriptions are drawings of the satellites, communication subsystem block diagrams, and a list of details. Beginning with this edition, metric units are used with programs that date from the 1990s and for many earlier programs.

Appendixes present information on the International Telecommunications Union and the World Trade Agreements in relation to communication satellite systems, plus a brief discussion of satellite beacons used for atmospheric research. A glossary contains symbols common to the communication subsystem block diagrams, a list of abbreviations and acronyms, and a table showing which frequency bands are used by each satellite system. An extensive bibliography cites literature on communication satellite systems, their applications, ground terminals, transmission methods, spectrum use, network engineering, satellite hardware, and social, economic, and legal issues. A detailed index includes names of satellites, systems, system owners, satellite manufacturers, other organizations, and nations.

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