Dynamics of Meteor Outbursts and Satellite Mitigation Strategies

ISBN 1-884989-06-3
216 P. ILLUS.

(out of print)

The potential threat posed by Leonid meteoroids to orbiting spacecraft over the next several years calls for new dynamic mitigation strategies to assist the satellite community in reducing the danger to their vehicles. This book offers deliberate dynamic mitigation strategies to complement the traditional shielding strategies, providing mission operators additional ways to decrease the danger. Five different attitude control and orbit maneuvering options are examined in detail. In addition, the book describes how to assess potential meteoric threats and examines possible future dangers. The information is presented in algorithmic form to allow technically competent, but meteoroid inexpert, operators to easily understand and implement the procedures. Although general in scope, the book emphasizes the Leonid meteor events of November 1998-2000.

Dr. Glenn Peterson has been a technical advisor on the Leonid meteoric threat for the U.S. Air Force and various commercial companies for the past several years. He has been involved in a wide variety of spacecraft threat-related research including man-made space debris and collision avoidance.

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