International Launch Site Guide

Second Edition

ISBN: 1-884989-16-0

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The second edition of the International Launch Site Guide is an updated and revised version of the first edition, which was edited by Roy Chiulli and published by The Aerospace Press in 1994. This book serves as a general guide to the world’s principal operating launch sites as well as some sites that are expected to be operational in the near future. This edition also accounts for changes that have taken place during the past decade in both the space industry and the national space programs, including those that reflect the new geopolitical realities of the post–Cold War world.

Like the 1994 version, the second edition provides valuable information on sites that are capable of launching commercial payloads; however, this 2005 version used broader criteria in selecting sites to include. As a result, several new sites have been added based on their importance to scientific studies (e.g., Sweden) or their strategic political importance (Israel) or because they are newly operational (Sea Launch).

In addition to offering a new selection of sites, the second edition also offers an expanded overview and history for each entry, placing the launch site in its historical and geographical perspective. As in the first edition, the operational capabilities of each site are detailed, along with an overview of current facilities and contact information. Overall, this updated guide offers payload planners a solid basis on which to make well informed site-selection decisions.

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