Microengineering Aerospace Systems

707P., ILLUS.
ISBN 1-884989-03-9

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Microengineering Aerospace Systems is a textbook tutorial encompassing MEMS (microelectromechanical systems), materials/mechanics/processing and packaging, microsystem devices (i.e., ASIM-application-specific integrated microinstrument), distributed system architectures, and satellite subsystems. Third in a series of Aerospace Press publications covering this rapidly advancing technology, this work presents fundamental aspects of the technology and specific aerospace systems applications through worked examples, key equations, and process sequences.

The book assembles many of the ideas, fundamental principles, and technology rudiments that can profoundly change the manner by which aerospace systems are designed, engineered, and assembled. The concepts presented do nothing less than advocate the use of microengineering principles to impart “intelligence,” “volition,” and “motility” to systems on the miniature scale, thereby effecting a change in the paradigm of how aerospace systems should be developed, maintained, and used. Microengineering Aerospace Systems provides a snapshot view of the state of the art in a very fast moving subject.

Dr. Henry Helvajian has been technical advisor and lead for implementing micro/nanotechnology into U.S. Air Force space systems for the past 8 years. He has been author and editor of many publications on this subject. The 44 authors who have contributed to the 17 chapters are recognized experts in MEMS, microengineering and aerospace communities.

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