Nickel-Hydrogen Batteries: Principles and Practice

500 P., ILLUS.
ISBN 978-1-884989-20-9

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Nickel-hydrogen cells provide one of the longest-lived and most reliable rechargeable battery systems ever developed. Widely used in space power systems, they are generally considered well worth the cost because of their exceptionally long life. This book provides an in-depth view of nickel-hydrogen cell technology: how it was developed, how and why it works, how to get the most from it, and what can go wrong if it is not properly managed.

The book is organized into three parts that provide a balanced picture of the development, principles of operation, and key concerns regarding the use of nickel-hydrogen technology in satellite power systems. Part I provides an overview and historical discussion of the technology, along with a summary of key performance traits. Part II explores fundamental principles, and includes chapters on the nickel electrode, the separator, the hydrogen electrode, and various performance models. Part III focuses on the application and practice of using nickel-hydrogen technology, and addresses issues such as charge management and thermal control. Also included in this section are chapters on various degradation and failure modes and on methods that have been developed for analyzing cells to deduce why they eventually fail.

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