Space Modeling and Simulation

ISBN 1-884989-15-2
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Space Modeling and Simulation is a reference text on modeling and simulation (M&S) as it applies to space systems development and operation. A model is defined in the book as a set of instructions, rules, equations, or constraints that help us generate results resembling a system’s behavior. A simulator usually is a computer system (algorithm, single processor, or processor network) that can run a model to generate its behavior. Simulation is the process of using a simulator to do such things as performing a study, answering a question, or evaluating a system. This book uses simulation in all these ways because it covers many kinds of applications.

Space-systems analysis for operations was an early application for M&S. Today, program managers, analysts, and engineers must solve complex problems with reduced budgets, fewer resources, and shorter schedules. Simulation and modeling are well-accepted techniques for reducing time and cost, and they improve the effectiveness of systems design, verification, and validation. The U.S. Department of Defense requires M&S in developing space systems throughout their life cycles.

The book is divided into five parts that present the progressive steps toward effective M&S for space systems. The first part introduces the roles and applications for M&S in analyzing space systems and shows how M&S can augment systems engineering used to develop space systems.

The next three parts address using M&S within the three major areas of system development: concept exploration and program definition, acquisition, and operations. The final part of the book examines the future of M&S in analyzing space systems.

Dr. Larry B. Rainey has 20 years’ experience in space operations and modeling, simulation, and analysis of space systems. He is currently on leave from The Aerospace Corporation as Aerospace Visiting Professor at the Air Force Center for Systems Engineering, Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. He coedited the book Applied Modeling and Simulation: An Integrated Approach to Development and Operations and contributed chapters to it. He has written several articles on M&S. His Ph.D. is in systems engineering.

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