Spacecraft and Payload Pointing

Geoffrey N. Smit

ISBN: 978-1-884989-23-0

464 PP., ILLUS.

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Spacecraft and Payload Pointing, based on several courses taught by the author, presents a systems view of spacecraft attitude control design from requirements development through on-orbit support. In addition to summarizing as clearly as possible the basic technical disciplines involved—payload and attitude control hardware, kinematics, control and estimation theory—it discusses the systems engineering issues and trades that shape the evolution of real-world projects. Intended for professionals beginning a career in the field, it is also suitable for undergraduate and graduate students of aerospace engineering.

Spacecraft and Payload Pointing provides an overview of what is involved in developing the attitude determination and control system (ADACS) for a spacecraft, including payload pointing. Such systems can require knowledge of a large diversity of disciplines for two reasons. First, the ADACS itself is a broad subject, including the dynamics of the spacecraft and payloads, the physics and engineering of the ADACS sensor and actuator hardware, control and filtering theory, plus systems engineering. Second, many disciplines are involved since the ADACS must interface with several other subsystems (notably payload, structure, and command and data handling) and because ADACS performance translates into key mission performance parameters such as pointing control. This book shows how these disciplines fit together in ADACS development.

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