Spacecraft Thermal Control Handbook

Volume II: Cryogenics

Martin Donabedian, editor
641 pp. illus.
ISBN 1-884989-14-4 (v. 2) 2004

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The number of satellite systems that require some form of cryogenic cooling has grown enormously during the last 10 years. With so many engineers, scientists, and technicians working on cryogenic systems for the first time in their careers, the need for a single resource that touches on all the technologies relevant to cryogenics is apparent. Spacecraft Thermal Control Handbook, Volume II: Cryogenics is that resource.

The purpose of the book is to provide useful information to everyone involved in the design, analysis, integration, testing, and operation of a variety of instruments, sensors, and other devices that must be cooled to cryogenic temperatures. Topics covered include liquid and solid stored cryogens, open-cycle (“blow-down”) Joule-Thomson systems, radiant coolers, long-life mechanical refrigerators (‘cryocoolers’), flexible conductive links, thermal switches, thermal margins, and the thermophysical properties of selected materials.

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