Raman Spectra

Raman spectra

Raman spectra measured for (a) tetragonal-phase BaTiO3 acquired after furnace heating at 1000°C for 30 minutes and 60 minutes; (b–c) BaTiO3 thin films following digitally scripted laser genotype direct-write processing at a wavelength of 355 nm and a pulse repetition rate of 80 megahertz, where the maximum per-pulse fluence in each pulse script shown is 0.6 J/cm2; and (d) as-received cubic-phase BaTiO3 thin film prior to laser exposure. The results show that the extent of laser-induced phase conversion is consistent with that attained via conventional furnace heating and illuminate the importance of using discrete laser pulse scripts (see insets) to control energy/heat flow into the material’s phonon subsystem for improved lattice temperature distribution and efficient site-specific phase transformation and pyroelectric activation.  More »