Crosslink, Fall 2015

Understanding Space Debris

Causes, Mitigations, and Issues

Volume 16, Number 1 (Fall 2015)

From the Editors
Space Debris and The Aerospace Corporation
A Space Debris Primer

Earth’s orbital environment is becoming increasingly crowded with debris posing threats
ranging from diminished capability to outright destruction of on-orbit assets.

Predicting the Future Space Debris Environment

The Aerospace Corporation’s ADEPT simulation is being used to assess the effectiveness of
mitigation practices on reducing the future orbital debris population.

ADEPT Features
First Responders in Space: The Debris Analysis Response Team

Aerospace has been providing quick situational awareness to government decision-makers
concerned about the effects of energetic space breakups.

Space Debris, Corporate Outreach, and STEM
The Destruction of the FY-1C
A Starring Role for Aerospace
Keeping Track: Space Surveillance for Operational Support

The proliferation of objects in space has made the job of monitoring them more challenging—
and more essential.

The Collision of Iridium 33 and Cosmos 2251
Phobos-Grunt and Reentering Debris
Look Before You Leap: Collision Avoidance for Launch Protection

The Aerospace Corporation has been providing collision avoidance support for
space launches since the mid-1990s.

On Orbit Support
Fragmentation Modeling: Assessing Breakups in Space

Aerospace has honed expertise for more than 25 years in modeling space debris fragmentation events—
from accidental to intentional collisions—leading to insights and predictions for future breakup events.

Seeing Through the Clutter: The Power of the Torus

Methods developed at Aerospace quickly render intuitive pictures and
interactive models of an evolving debris field.

How to Clean Space: Disposal and Active Debris Removal

Cleanup of the space environment is possible if postmission disposal tactics are built into future space systems. Active debris removal techniques are also a means of mitigation.

Legal Issues for Active Debris Removal
Space Debris Mitigation Policy

As awareness of space debris and its potential threats to operational satellites continues to evolve,
so too do policies regarding its removal.

USA 193
Orbital Debris Mitigation Guidelines
A Brief History of Space Debris and Reentry Events
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