Getting It Right

The Quarterly Newsletter of Mission Assurance

Each issue of Getting It Right offers a range of features, guidance, news, and more, including:

  • updates on the latest industry policy changes, process enhancements, and products created by such entities as the Space Quality Improvement Council, the Mission Assurance Improvement Workshop, the Mission Assurance Summit, the Joint Mission Assurance Council, the Space Industrial Base Council, and others.
  • observations by members of the space enterprise on how best to integrate disciplined, methodical applications of mission assurance into the planning, design, build, test, launch, and operation of space missions.
  • lessons learned, best practices, recently issued specifications and standards, informative charts, calendar of events, and action items.
  • guest columns and articles addressing such topics as: meeting emergent challenges faced by the space industrial base; confronting first-of-a-kind mission and quality issues; the search for common national space specifications and standards with an eye toward mission assurance; the problem of counterfeit parts; the mission assurance imperative as it relates to the Department of Defense’s new acquisition roadmap with its emphasis on efficiency and cost effectiveness; and more.

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