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The Necessity of Counter-Drone Operations

Unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as unmanned autonomous systems (UAS) or drones, are ubiquitous. From facilitating rescue missions to examining environments for fire inspection to crop health analysis, UAS have become a vital tool for ensuring public safety. Furthermore, UAS readily accomplish a myriad of routine tasks while also providing a wealth of insight.

drone, UAS, UAV, counter UAS, counter UAVThe (Sometimes) Unintentional Threat

The low cost and wide availability of these unmanned vehicles have generated some concern for public safety. UAS controlled by misguided or curious hobbyists have drifted into the flight paths of major airports, and have impeded firefighting efforts by hovering near forest fires. Amateur UAS operators have flown dangerously close to medevac helicopters, risking the lives of pilot and passengers. Despite the clear threat to public welfare, these events are still classified as accidents due to lack of knowledge or awareness on the part of the operators.

But there is also UAS activity at the hands of individuals or rogue groups that is clearly designed for illegal or unethical purposes, such as smuggling weapons into prisons, transporting drugs across international borders, and monitoring sensitive government, public, and industrial facilities. UAS can be readily equipped with high-quality audio/video systems to steal intellectual property, and newly-devised, nefarious uses of these unmanned vehicles are emerging daily.

Drones have been modified to transport and remotely fire pistols and shotguns, or release payloads onto targets. Soon, we’re likely to see drones used to attack with explosives, release chemical and biological agents, or swarm with dozens of other drones in coordinated attacks designed to overwhelm targets and override their defenses. This new, dynamic threat environment informs the need for the cogent, bleeding edge counter-UAS strategies that only Aerospace can provide.

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Protecting People, Places, and Privacy

For government agencies, public safety organizations, and large commercial companies, rogue drones represent a serious and growing risk to the security of personnel, physical property, privacy, and intellectual property. UAS have been utilized for corporate espionage and surveillance, resulting in lost business and jobs for targeted organizations.

Evolving challenges. An evolved response.

Drone technology is evolving, requiring the continuous development of new approaches to security and privacy threats. Because locations, platforms, intent, and techniques used by drone operators are different and constantly changing, there is no uniform solution for the threats posed by a UAS attack. The development of a customized policy and methodology for counter-drone operations that reduces or eliminates the threat to government facilities, commercial operations, and the public at large is imperative.

Aerospace Counter-drone Tests featured in the Los Angeles Times

The System and Method for Counter-drone Operations

Aerospace’s comprehensive and systemic approach is designed to keep pace with evolving technology while delivering advanced capabilities and insight to those concerned with the risks of UAS attacks – from federal agencies, to public safety personnel, to corporate security staff.

By integrating these key technology, knowledge, and training areas and converting them to practice, we are helping to solve the UAS problem, and are protecting our customers’ personnel, privacy, and security.

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