Economic and Market Analysis Center

Providing Insights into Economic Trends and Space Market Research

Established to address the increasing importance of economic and market trends on the development of national security space systems and mission requirements, the Economic and Market Analysis Center (EMAC) supports our customers by providing insight into the economic factors, government policies, and commercial forecasts that impact the acquisition of space systems. The center applies the extensive technical expertise that has made Aerospace a national resource with market research, business, and economic analysis.

EMAC supports Aerospace’s core mission through functional coverage in four domains: government acquisition support, industrial base assessments, economic and market analysis, and policy research and evaluation. Our capabilities include industrial base studies; business assessment/sustainability; competitive analysis of products, companies, and markets; business case development and evaluation; risk assessment; and financial risk modeling.

EMAC contributes to industry forums and offers course development and instruction that are developed and taught by EMAC staff, targeting customer needs.

EMAC offers a variety of resources, including the Technology-Based Cost Model, a prototype framework tool used to enhance the cost-estimating capability of future space projects and analysis of industrial base issues. The framework consists of utilities that are modular and can be used separately or as a system. EMAC also offers guidance to better identify industrial-base concerns, examining the unique business environment and economic characteristics of the space industry while presenting key criteria and methodologies for identifying potential threats to acquisition program success within the U.S. space industrial base.

EMAC’s Quarterly Space Business Review provides quarterly and annual financial results and commentary of five major defense contractors, as well as brief summaries of the significant quarter’s space launches and space industry news and events.