Technology Transfer

Leveraging Intellectual Property for Optimal Solutions

For virtually the entire history of the nation’s civilian and military space programs, The Aerospace Corporation has worked to address and solve program anomalies, characterize the space environment, and develop methods to operate within it. Repurposing our technical tools and skills to create unique solutions to challenges in the private sector is a key asset for the corporation and a huge benefit for our customers.

Aerospace leverages intellectual property via licensing agreements and other mechanisms, creating access to a repository of technology and other tools that has resulted from decades of research, experience, and lessons learned. Aerospace holds more than 550 patents, and our scientists and engineers are continually adding new technologies and inventions to the collection.

Aerospace technology transfer has included the repurposing of certain tools based on state-of-the-art algorithms to search for optimal solutions in large and chaotic spaces for space system design. These same tools could be repurposed to address complex optimization issues in areas such as the ground transportation industry.

Aerospace is dedicated to using in-house-developed capabilities to evolve the complicated systems that we put into space, and to find innovative ways to use those same capabilities to benefit our customers with solutions to Earth-based challenges .

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