Physical Sciences Laboratories

Aerospace’s Premier Technical Facility

The Physical Sciences Laboratories (PSL) support the effective and timely development and operation of national security systems through scientific research and the application of advanced technology.

For virtually the entire history of the nation’s civilian and military space programs, our laboratories have worked to address and solve program anomalies, characterize the space environment, and develop methods to operate within it. PSL has the ability to anticipate and mitigate potential threats to systems that are vital to maintaining the country’s technical superiority in space.

PSL provides innovative scientific research, thorough assessments of space-related technologies, and realtime diagnoses of mission-critical hardware issues for the successful development and operation of space systems.

The diverse and wide-ranging expertise of the laboratories’ technical staff enables PSL to stay abreast of new technological developments and program support issues associated with rapidly evolving space systems. Furthermore, Aerospace scientists and engineers are continually adding new technologies and inventions to our collection of more than 550 patents, with much of this technology successfully transferred to the private sector.

Continuing to fulfill its legacy as the premier technical facility supporting national security space missions, today PSL operates more than 80 specialized laboratories gathered into three focus areas for research and testing: electronics and photonics; space materials; and space science applications.