NASA and The Aerospace Corporation

NASA and The Aerospace Corporation For half a century, NASA and Aerospace have worked closely to increase the scientific and technical knowledge base of the nation and establish the United States as a leader in space technologies and explorations. Dave Bearden and Roy Chiulli   Established October 1, 1958, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration […]  More »

Aerospace’s Role in Military Satellite Communications Acquisition

Aerospace’s Role in Military Satellite Communications Acquisition Since the days of IDCSP, Aerospace has been the Air Force’s partner in acquiring military satellite communications systems, ensuring that the U.S. government has access to the most effective, cost-efficient space technologies in the world. Aerospace efforts in mission assurance have helped the Air Force maintain a record […]  More »

Military Satellite Communications Fundamentals

Military Satellite Communications Fundamentals Communication satellites can be passive or active. Passive satellites only reflect signals. The limited power transmitted from the ground (the uplink), the quality of the reflection, and the losses along the path both up and down can all weaken the returned signal (the downlink). Active satellites, on the other hand, can […]  More »

Military Satellite Communications: Then and Now

Military Satellite Communications: Then and Now Military satellite communications have become essential to help the warfighter see through the “fog of war,” providing the United States military with assured global connectivity, even in remote areas with no communications infrastructure. The Aerospace Corporation has played a key role in developing and fielding these vital space systems. […]  More »

The Clean Pad

The Clean Pad Pete Portanova, principal engineer/scientist, Launch, has worked at The Aerospace Corporation for more than 47 years. He was the first principal director for EELV. The following is an excerpt from an oral history interview conducted with Portanova on October 1, 2009, at the Aerospace offices in El Segundo, California. “The clean concept […]  More »

Market Forces

Market Forces When the first generation of launch systems were developed, the government was the primary customer of launch services. When the commercial demand for launch services became a significant factor in the 1990s, developers thought that costs could be reduced by using the same systems for both commercial and government needs. This relationship between […]  More »

Initial Technical Programs in 1960–1964, Technical Programs in 2010

Initial Technical Programs in 1960–1964   The technical programs initiated by each laboratory organization between 1960 and 1964 were comprehensive, visionary, and audacious. Together, they addressed fundamental technical problems involved in perfecting ballistic missiles as well as the challenges likely to be encountered by newly emerging space systems. Aerodynamics and Propulsion Laboratory (Joseph Logan, principal […]  More »

Launch Vehicles Then and Now: 50 Years of Evolution

Launch Vehicles Then and Now: 50 Years of Evolution The launch industry has come a long way from the risk-filled early forays into space to the well-orchestrated launches of today—and Aerospace has been there, every step of the way. Randy Kendall and Pete Portanova   Early launch systems were far from reliable, but by 1960, […]  More »

The San Fernando Observatory

The San Fernando Observatory In the 1960s, crewed military missions in space were becoming increasingly probable. Although the Dyna-Soar (an early Air Force manned space plane) had been cancelled, development of a Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL) was proceeding under Air Force direction. A major concern was space radiation, particularly energetic particles emitted by the sun […]  More »

The Aerospace Laboratories: 50 Years of Science in Support of National Security Space

The Aerospace Laboratories: 50 Years of Science in Support of National Security Space Much of the history of Aerospace can be gleaned from the stories of the laboratories, which have been abuzz with activity in support of national security space since the founding of the corporation in 1960. George Paulikas   The founders of Aerospace—particularly […]  More »

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