Contributors, Fall 2014 Crosslink

Contributors First published Fall 2014, Crosslink® magazine   Think Big, Fly Small Charles L. Gustafson, General Manager, Launch Systems Division, joined Aerospace in 1983. Today he manages launch system projects for a range of customers, with a current principal activity being the certification of the SpaceX Falcon 9 (v1.1) system. He is a member of the Air […]  More »

Crosslink Spring 2010 Contributors

Contributors   What GPS Might Have Been—and Could Become John E. Clark (left), Principal Director, Space Systems, Navigation Division. His directorate oversees the design, development, assembly, test, and launch of Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites. Clark joined Aerospace as a member of the technical staff in 1979, working in the Energy Conservation Directorate in Government […]  More »

Crosslink Spring 2011 Contributors

Crosslink Spring 2011 Contributors Future Directions in Flight Software Assurance Robert G. Pettit, IV (left), Senior Project Leader, Software Engineering Subdivision, has more than 20 years of experience in software engineering. He is widely recognized in the fields of model-based software engineering, real-time software systems, and the Ada programming language. He coleads the Flight Software […]  More »

Crosslink Summer 2011 Contributors

Crosslink Summer 2011 Contributors Climate Change and National Security: Implications for Space Systems   James A. Vedda, Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Space Policy and Strategy, has been performing research and analyses on national security, civil, and commercial space issues at Aerospace since 2004. Previously, he spent several years assigned to the Office of the […]  More »

Crosslink Spring 2012 Contributors

Crosslink Spring 2012 Contributors   Achieving Mission Resilience for Space Systems   Jandria S. Alexander, Principal Director, Cyber Security Subdivision, joined Aerospace in 1992. She leads cyber and information assurance architecture definition, technology assessments, vulnerability and countermeasures experiments, cyber command and control and security engineering and acquisition for DOD, the intelligence community, and civil customers. […]  More »