Research Horizons, Crosslink Fall 2014

Research Horizons Independent R&D at Aerospace First published Fall 2014, Crosslink® magazine   Strained Silicon Photonic Devices for Optical Modulation The demand for compact, low-cost components for optical communication, signal processing, and optical sensing is driving the rapid development of silicon photonics. Silicon is a chemical element used in semiconductor electronics and integrated circuits and […]  More »

Cybersecurity Challenges in a Net-centric World

Cybersecurity Challenges in a Net-centric World Transition to net-centricity encourages users throughout the Department of Defense to share information, but it also introduces cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Recognizing, understanding, and addressing these vulnerabilities are essential to successful transition. Judith S. Kerner and Eltefaat Shokri   As the pace and scope of decisions in the battlespace accelerate, the […]  More »