The Aerospace Corporation Debuts New Cybersecurity Framework

The Aerospace Corporation recently introduced a framework to address cybersecurity in a holistic manner using a tailored baseline to integrate cyber-defense and cyber-resiliency operations  More »

Jandria Alexander Distinguished Panelist on Cybersecurity

El Segundo, Calif. (Feb 23, 2015) –Jandria Alexander, Principal Director, Cyber Security Subdivision, participated in a panel discussion titled “States Leading on Cybersecurity” at the winter meeting of the National Governor’s Association in Washington, DC.  More »

Research Horizons, Crosslink Fall 2014

Research Horizons Independent R&D at Aerospace First published Fall 2014, Crosslink® magazine   Strained Silicon Photonic Devices for Optical Modulation The demand for compact, low-cost components for optical communication, signal processing, and optical sensing is driving the rapid development of silicon photonics. Silicon is a chemical element used in semiconductor electronics and integrated circuits and […]  More »

Aerospace Employee Appointed to Virginia Cyber Security Commission

Jandria Alexander joins a group of security experts who will serve in an advisory role to establish the state as a leader in cyber security, ultimately creating additional high-quality jobs within the commonwealth.  More »

The Crosslink Crossword

The Crosslink Crossword   Across 2. ________fund baby: rich kid4. Moving sculpture7. One should be designated8. Source, as of water or youth11. The end of the moviemaking12. Copy cash13. Tequila creature16. Overcaffeinated18. Butter or marmalade19. Someone with issues20. Runaway rebel22. Baggage ID23. Toughen up25. SNL send-up27. Unwelcome visit28. Fifties teen dance29. Type of trading Down […]  More »

The Back Page, Cyber Terminology: Toward a Common Lexicon

The Back Page Cyber Terminology: Toward a Common Lexicon Frank Belz   The terms used to describe cyberspace and the conduct of adversarial activities in that arena are often new and colorful word inventions. Sometimes these words derive from preexisting terms and phrases in the field of computer science that have taken on new meaning […]  More »

Crosslink Spring 2012 Contributors

Crosslink Spring 2012 Contributors   Achieving Mission Resilience for Space Systems   Jandria S. Alexander, Principal Director, Cyber Security Subdivision, joined Aerospace in 1992. She leads cyber and information assurance architecture definition, technology assessments, vulnerability and countermeasures experiments, cyber command and control and security engineering and acquisition for DOD, the intelligence community, and civil customers. […]  More »

Enhancing Customers’ Cyber Situational Awareness

Enhancing Customers’ Cyber Situational Awareness Aerospace Technologists Characterize Advanced Cyber Environments at the Unclassified Aerospace Collaboration Center Aerospace, as the FFRDC for national security space, must continuously develop capabilities to provide unbiased, trusted-agent services to its customers working on the leading edge of technology. The Unclassified Aerospace Collaboration Center (UACC) supports this mission as an […]  More »

Aerospace and the NSA Collaboration on Information Systems Security

Aerospace and the NSA Collaboration on Information Systems Security The Aerospace Corporation has worked closely with the NSA since the 1980s to assess the security of computer information systems and space cryptography equipment. Today, the broader focus is on the protection of critical information and systems with the need to operate through potential cyber incidents. […]  More »

Cyber Challenges in National Security Space

Cyber Challenges in National Security Space Tactics, techniques, and procedures used by the authors of the Stuxnet computer worm that attacked Iran’s nuclear program can be used by advanced persistent threat actors in attacking other targets, including national security space systems. Architects must consider these capabilities as they design and implement modern space systems. Kenneth […]  More »

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