Atlas V Launches 10th GPS IIF Satellite

In the opening seconds of its 18-minute launch window at 11:36 a.m. ET (8:36 PT), a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket rose into the cloudy-bright Florida sky carrying the 10th GPS IIF satellite for the United States Air Force.  More »

Countdown to Launch: Prime Time for GPS

If Aerospace has a signature satellite program, it is GPS. The corporation played a significant role in its development as the principal adviser to the Air Force on space acquisitions.  More »

Delta IV Lofts GPS IIF-5 Satellite

A Delta IV rocket launched GPS IIF-5 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Feb. 20.  More »

A Global Standard

A Global Standard A significant consequence of the development of GPS has been the establishment of this one system as a global standard for time, position, and datum. Time and position are easy to appreciate, but sometimes overlooked is the role of GPS in establishing a single worldwide datum. It turns out that specifying coordinates […]  More »

Transit: The GPS Forefather

Transit: The GPS Forefather Before there was GPS, there was the Navy navigation satellite system called Transit. Development began in 1958 at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; it was declared operational in 1964 and continued until 1996. The satellites were tracked by a series of ground stations and a command center that operated […]  More »

What GPS Might Have Been—and What It Could Become

What GPS Might Have Been—and What It Could Become Civilian and military GPS applications have become so ubiquitous, they are often considered routine appliances of daily life. These applications might not have been possible if early decisions about GPS had been made differently. John Langer, John Clark, and Thomas Powell   It is hard to […]  More »

Atlas Is Back With GPS

For the first time in 28 years, an Atlas rocket lifted a GPS satellite to orbit on Wednesday, May 15.  More »

GPS for Humanity

Practically everyone knows what GPS is, but probably not everyone is aware that it can be used to help fight malaria, track an endangered fish, or even help deliver construction materials. Dr. Bradford Parkinson, former chair of Aerospace’s board of trustees and one of the principal developers of GPS, gave a presentation on Nov. 30, which he dedicated to Aerospace engineers and supporters.  More »