Initial Technical Programs in 1960–1964, Technical Programs in 2010

Initial Technical Programs in 1960–1964   The technical programs initiated by each laboratory organization between 1960 and 1964 were comprehensive, visionary, and audacious. Together, they addressed fundamental technical problems involved in perfecting ballistic missiles as well as the challenges likely to be encountered by newly emerging space systems. Aerodynamics and Propulsion Laboratory (Joseph Logan, principal […]  More »

The Aerospace Laboratories: 50 Years of Science in Support of National Security Space

The Aerospace Laboratories: 50 Years of Science in Support of National Security Space Much of the history of Aerospace can be gleaned from the stories of the laboratories, which have been abuzz with activity in support of national security space since the founding of the corporation in 1960. George Paulikas   The founders of Aerospace—particularly […]  More »

Searching for Life on Other Planets

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) is a space telescope that has been designed with the specific mission of locating and observing the most promising Earthlike planets in our celestial sky.  More »

It’s Patently Amazing

Aerospace’s patent collection reached a milestone last fiscal year: Aerospace received its 500th patent on May 28, 2013.  More »

In-house Telescope Provides New Capabilities

A handful of scientists and engineers within the Remote Sensing Department needed a telescope with multiple capabilities, and close at hand. So, they built one.  More »

Sometimes, Smaller is Better

Small satellites are all the rage in a budget-constricted climate and Aerospace has been on the front lines of this minimalist movement.  More »

Rocket Plume Analysis Ready for Takeoff

Aerospace scientists are among the very few — and in some areas, the only — researchers studying and dissecting the fiery plumes that shoot from the base of launched rockets.  More »

How to Tune Up Atomic Clocks in Space

An Aerospace team has developed a laboratory testing facility to simulate the space conditions under which atomic clocks on satellites operate.  More »

Aerospace Prints Rocket Motors in 3-D

Aerospace’s Jerry Fuller employs rapid prototyping, a form of 3-D printing, to develop efficient fuel grains for hybrid rockets.  More »

Labs Develop New Bonding Experience

Aerospace scientists have developed a new method for treating the surface of composite materials, allowing for more effective adhesive bonding.  More »

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