AeroCube 6 Launches Aboard Russian Rocket

AeroCube 6, comprising two half-unit picosats, was launched aboard a Dnepr rocket.  More »

Aerospace Engineer Proves Staggered Engine Start Theory

Aerospace engineer Dr. Jin Wook Lee devised a software tool to simulate a new way to launching a rocket — the staggered engine start.  More »

Delta IV Lofts Sixth GPS IIF

A Delta IV rocket successfully launched the sixth GPS IIF satellite to orbit on Friday evening, May 16.  More »

Atlas V Lofts National Security Payload

A powerful Atlas V rocket has launched a national security satellite to orbit.  More »

Delta IV Lofts GPS IIF-5 Satellite

A Delta IV rocket launched GPS IIF-5 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Feb. 20.  More »

Market Forces

Market Forces When the first generation of launch systems were developed, the government was the primary customer of launch services. When the commercial demand for launch services became a significant factor in the 1990s, developers thought that costs could be reduced by using the same systems for both commercial and government needs. This relationship between […]  More »

Launch Vehicles Then and Now: 50 Years of Evolution

Launch Vehicles Then and Now: 50 Years of Evolution The launch industry has come a long way from the risk-filled early forays into space to the well-orchestrated launches of today—and Aerospace has been there, every step of the way. Randy Kendall and Pete Portanova   Early launch systems were far from reliable, but by 1960, […]  More »

Atlas V Boosts Third AEHF to Orbit

An Atlas V rocket boosted the third Advanced Extremely High Frequency military communications satellite to orbit on Wednesday morning, Sept. 18.  More »

Aerospace Plays Major Role in NASA’s LADEE Mission

The inaugural launch of Orbital Sciences’ Minotaur V rocket on Sept. 6 carried the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft, a mission Aerospace has been supporting for NASA over the past five years.  More »

Research Horizons

Research Horizons Plasma Treatment of Composite Adhesive Bonds The low density of fiber-reinforced composites—along with their adjustable high stiffness and strength—makes them the material of choice for many space applications; however, these materials are susceptible to bond failures caused by deficiencies in surface-preparation techniques. The most common preparation technique relies on mechanical roughening (often sanding), […]  More »

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