Aerospace LWIR Instrumentation

Aerospace LWIR Instrumentation The research described in this article was possible in part by airborne deployments of the Spatially Enhanced Broadband Array Spectrograph System (SEBASS). First commissioned in 1995, SEBASS is a nadir-viewing, roll-compensated, pushbroom hyperspectral imager comprising two spectrographs, one operating in the midwave infrared (MWIR) region at 2.9–5.2 microns, and the other in […]  More »

The Adaptation of Tactical Imaging Spectrometry to Applications in Earth Science

The Adaptation of Tactical Imaging Spectrometry to Applicationsin Earth Science Long-wave infrared imagery is being applied to Earth observation activities in anticipation of future needs to assess climate change impacts around the globe and assist the national security community in defining future observational requirements. David M. Tratt and George J. Scherer There is increasing awareness […]  More »