Profile: Margaret Chen

Profile: Margaret Chen, Associate Director, Space Sciences Department Mission Assurance for the Space Environment Margaret Chen has honed expertise in near-Earth space and the magnetospheric environment during a career spanning 22 years at Aerospace. First published Fall 2014, Crosslink® magazine. By Nancy Profera and Richard Park Margaret Chen began her career at The Aerospace Corporation as […]  More »

Mission Assurance Improvement Workshop Aids Space Industry

For the past seven years, Aerospace subject matter experts have gathered with industry colleagues from across the nation at the Mission Assurance Improvement Workshop (MAIW) to tackle issues relevant to the space community. “The MAIW provides a unique forum that allows industry to collaborate, at the technical subject matter expert level, on issues and concerns […]  More »

Right from the Start: Mission Assurance at Program Initiation

Right from the Start: Mission Assurance at Program Initiation Early introduction of mission assurance injects discipline into the development approach. Aerospace is working to ensure that measurable mission assurance products and deliverables are designed and implemented early in the acquisition lifecycle and clearly spelled out in the contract. First published May 2013, Crosslink® magazine  Sumner […]  More »