AeroCube 6 Launches Aboard Russian Rocket

AeroCube 6, comprising two half-unit picosats, was launched aboard a Dnepr rocket.  More »

Photos From Space

Last fall the Aerospace Picosat Team invited Aerospace employees to suggest places on Earth to photograph from space. These are the results.  More »

Big Boost for Small Spacecraft

Picosats today lack reliable, affordable propulsion systems. Aerospace’s Teresa Moore plans to change that.  More »

AeroCube-4 Captures Images of the Moon’s Shadow

One of Aerospace’s CubeSats captured a photo of the moon’s shadow on Earth’s surface during the solar eclipse that occurred on Nov. 3.  More »

Sometimes, Smaller is Better

Small satellites are all the rage in a budget-constricted climate and Aerospace has been on the front lines of this minimalist movement.  More »