Profiles Their Memories Tell the Story of Aerospace Following are excerpts from oral history interviews conducted with Aerospace personnel. Read selected histories in their entirety at Ivan Getting was founding president of Aerospace, a position he held from 1960 until his retirement in 1977. These remarks are from an interview conducted by Steven Strom […]  More »

Profile: Andrea Amram

Profile: Andrea Amram, General Manager, Environmental Satellite Systems Division The Art of Designing and Building Complex Space Systems A 30-year career, motivation, and a willingness to learn and try new opportunities have exposed Andy Amram to many areas of The Aerospace Corporation. First published May 2013, Crosslink® magazine The Aerospace Corporation is highly regarded for […]  More »

Profile: Henry Helvajian

Profile: Henry Helvajian, Senior Scientist, Micro/Nano Technology Department Research That Leads to Innovation For nearly 20 years, Henry Helvajian has been touting the virtues of using tiny components—or miniature satellites—to achieve big results in space. “I have always been curious. I’ve never done the same dance step twice, which means I am always looking for […]  More »

Profile: Marty Ross

Profile: Martin Ross, Senior Project Engineer, Commercial Launch Projects Rockets, Soot, and the Stratosphere   Could rocket launches be regulated in the future because rocket engines emit soot into the stratosphere? That is the question Marty Ross and fellow scientists are striving to answer with their research into rocket emissions and climate, research that has […]  More »

Profile: Randy Blaisdell, Systems Director, Space Cyber Integration

Profile: Randy Blaisdell, Systems Director, Space Cyber Integration Integrating Information Assurance Into Space Programs How can information in cyberspace be assured for its accuracy and integrity, yet not be shared with an adversary? In the rapidly changing cyber environment, this is a question that keeps Randy Blaisdell on his toes. “What we do in information […]  More »