Breaking Up This Instrument is Hard to Do

The first wireless Reentry Breakup Recorder built by Aerospace, which failed to reach the International Space Station last fall due to the explosion of the Antares launch vehicle, came home to El Segundo this week.  More »

Aerospace Beats Odds to Deliver New REBR in Record Time

When the unmanned Antares rocket exploded Oct. 28, along with an Aerospace-built Reentry Breakup Recorder-Wireless (REBR-W), it took only three minutes before NASA was on the phone with Aerospace asking for a replacement REBR-W.  More »

REBR Probes the Mystery of Reentry Forces

Thousands of man-made objects currently circle the Earth, ranging in size from small flecks of paint to bus-sized satellites. At some point, all will reenter Earth’s atmosphere as their orbits decay. The majority of them will be destroyed due to aerodynamic heating. However, some are large enough or constructed of materials strong enough to survive […]  More »